Reports & Surveys

Tree reports and surveys serve different needs and requirements. Trees may need identifying, mapping and assessing as individuals in terms of their proximity to building, roads and public spaces. There may be instances where an outside body such as a mortgage or insurance company needs professional assessment of a tree or trees.

Intelligence gathered on a tree’s status includes its dimensions, condition, age and classification. Quite literarily a survey digs deep to get to the root of the tree and can also give account of the root protection area.

  • ReportsGround or climbing surveys can be carried out to determine the health and structural integrity of the tree.
  • DiagnosticsSamples can be taken from trees and analysed to determine diseases/decay within which may affect its long term health and stability.

Tree Surveys

Tree Surveys are more comprehensive and also vary in the types of surveys offered. For example, there are ground and climb surveys which can be specified. In general though, tree surveys cater to those seeking to develop the land. Groups such as property developers, insurance companies and even mortgage lenders will utilise tree surveys for a full picture of the tree environment.

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Tree reports are considered to be a baseline recommended account for tree owners to maintain safe and healthy trees. In addition, tree reports will incorporate information about the legal status of existing trees. These reports detail any diseases trees may have and whether the trees pose a threat to a third party.


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